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Some accounts come with telnet access to the server. However, to connect to the server, the user must use an SSH program. SSH (Secure Shell) is functionally a secure version of telnet which encrypts the session so that others cannot eavesdrop. SSH provides greater security than allowing a Telnet connection to the server.

SSH is a program that emulates a computer terminal, allowing you to view information on site rather than downloading it to your personal computer for viewing. This is extremely useful if you need to view large amounts of information, such as all the files and folders on a web site, or a library catalog for example. Imagine how long it would take for you to download a web page containing the entire catalog of book titles from just a city library! With SSH, you are able to actually view the information on the library site, eliminating the download time.

SSH is not graphics capable, does not play sound files and is not one tiny bit entertaining. But it is the best tool to use for certain tasks. You will have a connection much like the old DOS screen. And, again like DOS, you will need to type in your commands.

How to SSH

1) Simply download an SSH program such as Putty. You can find more free SSH programs at Freessh.org

2) Open your SSH program and make sure the host name specified is your domain name, the protocol is set to SSH, and the port number is 22.

3) Enter session and simply log in with your Username and Password. To exit the program, simply type exit and press enter.




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